Ian O'Toole M.Sc. MIPD

 Media Producer, e-Content Developer , Media Designer 

 eMail:- ianotoole@btinternet.com

 CV and Research Interests

  • The development of the Media  Streaming  service for the MMU
  • The development of the Live webcasting service for the MMU
  • The development of the Lecture-on-demand service for the MMU
  • The design and development of the TV On-Line service for the MMUTV (www.tv.mmu.ac.uk)
  • The Development of the North West Film Archive On-Line Database and their 25 Annniversary Website
  • The design, structure and production of the original On-Line Prospectus for the 
    Manchester Metropolitan University
  • The Punctuation Project Website
  • The Design and development of the GPS(General Professional Studies) Website for the B.Ed. and M.Ed. 
    Courses at MMU Institute of Education
  • The creation of the Drama Website and On-Line version of the Dorothy Heathcote Archive for the Drama Department of the MMU Instutite of Education
  • The design and creation of the original Website for the local Estate Agent 
  • An M.Sc. by research was completed at Salford University in May 1990
    The research area being Interactive Learning Methodologies with particular reference to the Man/Multimedia Interface.

Research Interests

  • The development of Rich Media and web based technologies to deliver learning
  • Man/Multimedia Interface
  • HCI
  • Technological solutions for learning environments

Conference Papers

  • Learning-on-Screen Conference London (April 2004)
    Media-on-Demand developments
  • RIDE Conference (Research in Distance Education) 
    Deakin University Geelong Victoria Australia (November 2004)
    Presenting Innovations in Learning and Teaching

Member of ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC29.

  • The International Standards Committee for the Coding of
     Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information


  • Instructional Design for Multimedia
    A.V. Consultants (Publishing), Cheshire, UK. 1993
  • Interactive Video and Student Learning
    A.V. Consultants (Publishing), Cheshire, UK. 1992
  • The CAV Concept
    Computer Accessed Video using the Concept Keyboard
    Programmed Learning and Educational Technology
    Volume 24 Issue 4 (November 1987)


  • M.Sc.(Salford)
  • Further Education Teachers Certificate
  • Certificate in Microcomputers in Secondary Education
  • Certificate in Educational Television Production
  • Certificate in Programmed Learning
  • Certificate in Novell Netware Administration




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